Fetish has no Race

If we were in a perfect world, I would be called a “leatherman”, that’s that. But in reality, sadly we still do have to fight for inclusivity, just to be part of the fetish community.
Thanks for having me. My name is Billy but many people on social media know me as Leather Mister X. I was born and grew up in a small town in Malaysia. I knew I was gay at a very young age and growing up in a country where homosexuality is illegal was not easy. I had to hide my sexuality from everyone including my friends and family. I knew I was different, I became a loner and a teen rebellion but I was a bright student. Because I knew the only way for me to live a happy life as a gay man was to get out of the country. I worked hard at school and college for good results to ensure the opportunity to pursue further studies overseas. I moved to Australia when I was 19yo, and never looked back. Now I am a happy gay man living in Sydney with my partner of 18 years. 

What about the asian fetish scene? Is there any? Do you feel like asians are a minority? Is there an underground anonymous scene?

Yes, there are Asian fetish scenes out there but at the same time, I am actually very disappointed that it has been subcategorised within the fetish community. I can understand why there is a separate Asian fetish scene due to many different reasons - geographical location and language barrier for instance, but skin colour and body attributes should never, ever be an excuse for Asians to feel being marginalized.

Taiwan is the first country with legalized same sex-mariage. Have you been to taipei pride? Do asians kinksters travel to taipei for the pride? Is something changing within asia?

No, I haven’t been to Taipei Pride. I was actually planning to attend the event in October this year but sadly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, I will have to postpone. Taipei Pride is possibly one of the main events that attracts all the Asian kinksters to come together in one spot. I’ve seen photos of a large group of Asian kinksters at the parade last year, at least a hundred strong. Definitely something I would like to be part of one day. Not all Asian countries, but Asia is definitely changing and becoming more accepting of the LGBTQ community. Having said that, the fetish scene in Asia is still very underground.

How were your first steps into fetish? Are you experiencing an evolution? We know you as leather mister x. Can we presume you’re a dominant master?

Despite I have only just started collecting leather gear recently and finally took the plunge to become a leather man, my fetish for leather was well established way back. I still remember my first encounter was in my 20s when a couple invited me over for some play. The next thing I knew I was in a pair of leather chaps and the rest is history. But when I am in a relationship for so long and the other half isn’t really a leather enthusiast, I just never really had the opportunity to explore that side of things. Not to mention, we all know leather ain’t cheap. Last year both of us decided to learn how to ride motorbike and I bought myself a leather jacket for it, it instantly reignited my passion for leather and it hasn’t stopped since! I guess I would consider myself quite a provocative, voyeuristic kinky person, hence the name ‘Mister X’ came along. It is my pseudonym on Instagram for many years before I decided to become a leatherman, then I started a new account just to document my journey as a leatherman, now everyone knows me as Leather Mister X. A dominant master? HA! I actually can be both, a dom or a sub, it’s all part of the fun. However, in my opinion, there’s a difference between a Dom and a Master, a Sub and a Slave. A master not necessarily always the dominant one, I believe a sub sometimes can actually have more control in certain situations. It is all about the connections between the two individuals, physically and mentally. I love the mind game. But you can call me ‘Sir’ if you’re nasty. 😈

Have you witnessed any negative comments for being an asian leatherguy? Do you feel you have to put more effort for being taken more seriously and feeling accepted?

If we were in a perfect world, I would be called a “leatherman”, that’s that. But in reality, sadly we still do have to fight for inclusivity, just to be part of the fetish community. Since I became a leatherman, I always try my best to look good in my leather gear, to normalize other people’s perception of me, I want them to see through my skin colour and it is working. Now, many see me as a ‘leatherman’ and not an ‘Asian leatherman’ anymore. But I feel embarrassed and disappointed to even think that I still have to fight for inclusivity in the first place.

Do you have a message to all the asian kinksters afraid to live their fetish?

It’s never too late to live your fetish dream. You will know when the time is right. Be true and honest to yourself, that’s the first step to be a proud leatherman. Because confident is sexy.

You want to share your social media with us?

I am Bluf 4028, and you will find me on Instagram/Recon as ‘Leather Mister X’.

Thank you very much for your time, Billy!