Mister Fetish Austria 2015
LMC Vienna

When I competed for Mr. Leather Austria 2015, I recognized a lot of potential in Austria’s fetish scene, e.g. to give like-minded people a chance to enjoy their fetishes and to meet each other even outside of Vienna. Therefore, as a leather fetishist, I dared to become an authentic representative of the LMC Vienna for our Austrian community, to set a good example and, above all, to show my face, as the saying goes “start with yourself, but it’s equally important not to end with yourself”.

In addition to my visibility in public, travelling in Austria and abroad, as well as my involvement in HIV prevention campaigns, I was keen to organize regular fetish meetings in Graz. Among other things, I made myself heard with my monthly fetish column in the BOX magazine. Highlights of my title year include my election as Mr. Leather Europe 2015, my participation as the first Austrian titleholder at IML in Chicago, receipt of the X-Award Man of the Year Award 2017, and the many friendships formed during that time, which last until today.

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Mister Fetish Austria